? Purchase pathogens outright ?

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? Purchase pathogens outright ?

Hi there !
Really enjoying the game thus far but reached a bit of a snag in my last play that I hope you can help me with.
As I got towards the end of the game and the adaptive response came into play, one of my pathogens was attached by the memory B cell. Unfortunately I was required to trash one of my discarded pathogens which seemed to cause me much disadvantage as the game then progressed. Being a pathogen down in my deck I seemed to be quite exposed to attacks from the immune system and consequently lost quite a few of my captured tokens. Is there a way to outright buy a pathogen, rather than upgrading one from your starring deck, so I could replaced this trashed card? The rules didn't seem to specify.

Once I had lost my super pathogen, the whole balance of my deck changed (I don't think my deck was that bulky either) and it seemed to have me at a disadvantage, or is this simply a stroke of bad luck?

Thanks very much for a great game !

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Buying Pathogens

Pathogens may be acquired 2 ways:

1.  Purchase:  you may buy an available Pathogen outright and place the card into your discard pile

2.  Upgrade:   you can upgrade one of your Pathogenes already in play.   You must still pay the cost of the new Pathogen.  You may upgrade only 1 level at a time.

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