Strategic Deaths

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Strategic Deaths

Dying is an integral part of Transylvania: Curses & Traitors, whether that be by turning into a monster, getting eaten by a monster or just the perils of the environment (Event Cards). However when I teach TCT, for some people actively choosing to kill of their character off it is inevitably one of the hardest concepts to grasp.

What do I mean by 'strategic deaths'? Essentially it is the recognition that as there is no penalty as such for dying that you as a player are better off killing your Adventurer (you can always run back and forth across an Event until you die) and coming back as either a Monster or a new Adventurer.

For example if you are just getting bad cards but you have no transformation cards, you might be better off killing your Adventurer and starting again. You will get 2 discovery cards and re-spawn on the church tile which is filled with Discovery Tokens. So if the other adventurers are a tile or two away from the church and cant make it back to get the Tokens you can pretty much get a whole new hand and some examined cards in two turns.

So that is when you might want to kill off your Adventurer to get a whole new hand and you don't have a transformation card but what if you do? In this case you might want to kill off your Adventurer in order to become a Monster by running back and forth across events if required. If nothing else running around as a Monster can be a lot more fun if you are just not getting any good cards and it allows a new path to victory with no cards involved.

I have to remind people when they first play always keep in mind the three ways to win the game, break the curse (5 knowledge cards), kill adventurers as a Monster, kill a Monster as an Adventurer. Not getting hung up about keeping your starting Adventurer alive helps you focus on winning the game in whatever way the cards play out for you in the specific game.

What do you think about 'strategic death' in TCT? What has been the hardest part of TCT for you to learn or teach others?