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TCT Box ArtTransylvania: Curses & Traitors

Transylvania: Curses & Traitors is an adventure and exploration board game for 3 to 6 players lasting 45 to 60 minutes. First conceptualized in September of 2012, a “playable” prototype was produced and played in early January of 2013 and play-tested extensively. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in May of 2014 Transylvania: Curses & Traitors was shipped to backers in May 2015 and is now available for retail purchase. Find Out More



Pathogenesis is a deck building game in which players take the role of bacterial pathogens attacking the human body. The game was developed in partnership with scientific illustrator somersault1824. The game is based on 100% real science and the mechanics were created to simulate how real biology works. Avid deck builder players will feel at home playing the game as the mechanic foundation was based on several popular deck builders. The mechanics have evolved and mutated during the creation into a game that is quite its own. The game offers several modes of play including solo play, cooperative, competitive, and team play. No knowledge of science is required to play but it was developed to enhance the learning of the immune system at the college level. Find Out More