Pathogenesis in the Classroom

Pathogenesis BoxPathogenesis blends the feel of center-row style deck builders such as Star Realms and Ascension with mechanics based 100% on real science, simulating the roles of pathogens and the immune system at each phase of the game. It provides a unique way to teach students about the immune system and a classroom pack with expanded card sets was offered in the kickstarter.


Classroom Resources

Instructions for Pathogenesis Classroom Pack



Teaching with Pathogenesis

Read Mostly Microbes review of teaching Immunology with Pathogenesis

Games are such a fun, active-learning way to teach science and science concepts! The game PATHOGENESIS is an incredible new addition to any game closet from community center and classroom to home.  It’s strategic and interesting while being scientifically accurate. I’m so in awe of how much thought and care clearly went into the concept, development, and design of the game PATHOGENESIS to create something fun, but educational. It’s obvious that one of the co-designers teaches immunology at a community college. 


A small selection of the over 75 beautiful and scientific accurate images from somersault1824 in Pathogenesis

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