GenCon 2015 was a blast!

We just got back from GenCon 2015 and are definitely suffering from GenCon withdrawal.  It was such a whirlwind and their simply is too much to do!

Jamie and I had such an amazing time this year.  We have been to GenCon in 2012, 2014, and this year and determined that this year was our favorite GenCon yet.  When we went in 2012 we no absolutely no one at the convention and didn't really even get what Kickstarter is all about.  This year we could barely turn around without meeting someone that we knew and have a successful Kickstarter under our belt.

Highlights from this year include:

  • Meeting the entire team from Greenbrier Games and Twin Fire Productions who are teaming up on Folklore: The Affliction coming to Kickstarter in September.
    • Folklore: the Affliction is the #1 game I am looking forward to.  Keep a look out for their Kickstarter!
  • Meeting David Lowry from Club Fantsci
  • Meeting several designers from Finland's Arctic Union, a consortium of game designers, including Jouni Jussila from Play More Games (upcoming game Race to the North Pole) and Saku Tuominen (Realm of Wonder).  These guys are just awesome and they have some really fun games
  • A fantastic party at the Omni hotel hosted by Nino Suave of Twin Fire (thanks for inviting us Nino!)
  • Meeting Lance Myxner of Undead Viking
  • Meeting so many other designs including Alex Lim, David Chott, Jeff Cornelius, and Keit Matejka
  • Having the change to buy some really new cool games and get them all autographed by the designers

GenCon 2015 really provided us with a lot of ideas, connections, and energy to keep WIBAI Games moving forward.

We can't wait to see what GenCon 2016 will bring!