Pathogenesis returns to Kickstarter February 12th!

Hello Everyone! We are very excited to announce the official relaunch date of Pathogenesis 2nd Edition + STD Expansion will be Tuesday February 12th. We have been working very diligently to spread the word prior to the campaign. New reviews/previews of the game will include The Dice Tower, Father Geek, and Geek Dad. We have also been working on a marketing and social media campaign. Are you excited? We are!

The Kickstarter will enable us to update and reprint the Pathogenesis base game, improving gameplay and updating the immune system to be even tougher! Reprinting the game will allow us to fill demand from individuals who want to add the game to their collection, as well as classrooms, who want to use Pathogenesis as a teaching tool!

If you already own the base game, thank you very much! Keep reading to see what we've got in store for you!

The STD Expansion: Pathogenesis STD adds the fourth tract to the body, the Genitourinary tract, introducing pathogens, traits, and virulence factors appropriate for this area of the body. Further, keeping to the science, the Genitourinary tract has no toxin cards but instead a new mechanic has been introduced, Collateral Damage cards!


Update Pack: We're producing an update pack that will match your base copy of Pathogenesis, and upgrade it to bring the rules and gameplay in line with the second edition being produced as part of this Kickstarter! The pack includes 16 updated immune system cards, 20 updated immune system tokens, and rules insert.

Update Pack

Please help us spread the word so we can make this Kickstarter campaign everything it can be! How can you help? You can help us out by liking our Facebook page HERE and thumbing up images on Board Game Geek HERE. You can also share our Facebook page with your family and friends. If you've already got the base game, we'd love to see pictures of you playing it! Upload them to Board Game Geek or share them on our Facebook page! If you know anyone who loves science or biology, or just enjoys deckbuilding games, let them know about us- your recommendation is the highest praise you can give our game.

We can't wait until launch day!

Please help us infect the world by spreading the word!

Thank you so much, Loren & Jamie