Transylvania: Curses & Traitors is now on Tabletopia!


We have some fun news to share today as Transylvania: Curses & Traitors is now on Tabletopia!

It is currently provided as a free public demonstration game so check it out.

Currently in beta Tabletopia will soon allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to play the game online with anyone else in the world. 

We recently played a game of TCT with our friend David from Australia and our friend Kelly from Minnesota and it was awesome!

Once you get to know how to work things, play can be pretty fast.  We played 3 games in about 2 hours with 4 people.


Here is more about Tabletopia


About Tabletopia  

There are more than 78,000 board games and millions of people scattered around the globe who like to play them. We created Tabletopia to bring the games and the players closer to each other with help of digital technology. With Tabletopia, you can play popular board games with your friends online in an experience almost like gathering around a real table. Game authors and publishers could easily bring their games in digital realm. And everyone can create and test their own board games in Tabletopia.


Platform for board games

There is Kindle for books, and there is iTunes for music. Board games also need their own platform. So here we are! Tabletopia consists of:

  • the most advanced virtual table for gaming on PC, Mac, iOS and Android;
  • a database for matching players, public and private game tables, players ratings and reputation system etc.;
  • the workshop - a special editor to build your own games from scratch or port from standard graphics (no programming skills are required);
  • tools for publishers and authors to playtest, demonstrate, promote and monetize their games.


How does tabletopia work?

Tabletopia is a sandbox. Players should know the rules of the game to play it. There is no AI or rules enforcement, but at the same time it has the freedom to play the game your way - exactly as if you were playing at a real table. However, we have done a lot to make each play for you a good experience:

  • automatic game setups, card dealing, drafting etc.
  • player’s turn control, timers, game phases indication interactive zones on the table with predefined automatic actions;
  • intelligent counters for tracking victory points and many other in-game parameters;
  • custom surfaces, game room wallpapers, sound effects advanced camera controls … and many other useful features!