United States & Australia/New Zealand shipping commencing soon!

Hello everyone!

We wanted to share that Pathogenesis games in the United States as well as Australia / New Zealand will start going out soon!

In the US, we are using Amazon to send out the games. Our shipping spreadsheet has been successfully uploaded to Amazon. It will take about 24 hours for Amazon to start the process of fulfilling games. It is also the beginning a very, very busy time of year so we may need some patience. We hope that by week's end you will start getting shipping emails from Amazon. If you don't see anything by the end of next week check for additional updates and then let us know.

For Australia and New Zealand, we are using Aetherworks. They have received our shipping info and should start sending out games as well as shipping emails soon.

Canada: our games got held up in customs but have now passed the customs exam. We have an appointment for our games to be delivered to Amazon Canada on 11/7.

UK - Europe - Rest of the World: games are estimated to arrive in port on 11/7. From there they need to pass customs and then be sent to GamesQuest who will send out the games to you. We will continue to keep you updated.

Best regards, Loren & Jamie