We had a great time at Geekway to the West!

Last weekend we were at Geekway to the West (May 19-22).  For those of you not familiar with Geekway, it is a fast-growing board-gaming convention held annually in St. Louis, MO.

Geekway has grown from about 700 people our first year there to 1300 people this year.  

Geekway has been a big part of Transylvania: Curses & Traitors.  Our first year there we brought a very rough prototype.  Thanks to Curtis Erickson who was one of our early play-testers.  He put up with a pretty rough copy with some clunky mechanics!  Our 2nd year at Geekway we had a nearly completed demo with professional art and we were in the middle of a successul Kickstarter.  We play-tested all weekend with a lot of gamers at Geekway and met some fantastic people including Kelly Hughes "The Sleuth" in TCT.

This year was a huge thrill as we had completed games to give to some of our backers in person.  Miniature Market was also selling our game and we had 3 copies in the Play and Win room.  It was an even bigger thrill when on final day announcements the question was asked "Did you play your new favorite game here at Geekway this weekend?" and someone yelled "Transylvania!"  That was awesome!  

We were also able to meet quite a few of our Kickstarter backers and the Play and Win winners in person, get to know them, and sign their games.  We felt like mini rock stars for a day but the biggest thrill was seeing people who were really excited about Transylvania.  If we can make a game that even one person says is their favorite then the whole process has been worth every minute of it!

We had a great time at Geekway and it was great to see Jay and all the other awesome people who run Geekway, our friends at Miniature Market, and all of the friends that we have made gaming at Geekway the past 3 years.  

We can't wait for Geekway 2016!